PcRevive Computer Services

Professional and inexpensive computer support and repairs.

We work Moday to Thursday from 3:45 - 7pm

Friday from 3:15 - 7pm

Saturday and Sunday on request with the same rates

Our Services:

-Operating system reinstallation without data loss

-Program installation and upgrade

-System faults removal (unexplained crashing, restarting or blue screens,

-no power, freezing, hanging or error messages)

-Restore slow laptops and desktops to the original performing speed

-Missing PC & Laptop driver installation

-Driver and PC Computer & Laptop bios update

-Virus, spyware, adware, worms and malicious software killing and removal

-Effective antivirus, spyware, adware and firewall protection for your laptop

-Computer Data backup (system and software settings, mail & other data)

-Data recovery from non working systems

-Hardware upgrade and Software installation

-Hardware diagnostics

-Hard drive replacement + data recovery

-Laptop screen repair and replacing

-PC & Laptop motherboard repair and replacing

-Home and Small Office network setup (wired and wireless)

-Internet sharing solutions for laptops

-ADSL or CABLE modem/router setup (wired and wireless)

-Network security and troubleshooting

-Printer, scanner, fax & copier setup

-Cleaning of spilled liquid

-Internal cleaning of a laptop

-Overheating laptop repair

-Laptop Screen Repairs (inverter, backlight and lcd)

-Laptop Power Socket, DC Socket, DC Jack repairs

-WIFI Setup, Wireless Security SETUP, WEP, WPA setup

If your Laptop or desktop computer is:

-completely death

-very noisy, CD or DVD drive not working

-something smell inside

-hard drive makes sound like "click click"

-computer makes beep code

-display of you laptop is broken, dark or dim

-graphics is not displayed correctly

All of the reason your computer need workshop repair

Icons from: www.komodomedia.com